Thursday, February 14, 2013

Art Contest Update

Ok, just getting ready to post some more new entries.  This week wound up being a little more art-heavy than some weeks (but hopefully each post gets a fair look) - don't skip over anything if the art is below the break ;p

Still got more good stuff waiting, but didn't want to overdo it initially.

Anyhoo - just a quick heads up.  Due to unavoidable work schedule conflicts - I won't really be in a good position to close the contest at midnight the 15th - so I'm pushing it to midnight the 16th.  As long as entries are in my inbox by midnight Hawaii standard time Saturday night, I'll accept them.

Additionally - I've already been contacted by one artist who's been delayed by unavoidable power outages due to winter weather.  I'm willing to accept late entries on a case by case basis if the artist is able to contact me in one way or another in advance of the deadline. 

Thanks.  May the best artist win ;p

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