Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Art Contest Entry - Furco

I suppose even within failure lies the seeds for future success...and profit.  Furco's contest entry examines one aspect of the concept.

Project FG-1 Analysis

Project FG-1's goals of creating self-healing, regenerating clothing using fur and leather-based materials have encountered an unforeseen setback. While the prototypical materials are, in fact, successfully functioning, a complication has arisen. When exposed to living tissue, undesired and uncontrolled growth and expansion is occurring, consuming tissue to provide more mass and energy.

Our first and second test models both exhibited this unexpected side effect, and unfortunately, we have not determined any way to reverse the damage. We are keeping them in storage pending further review.

Update: Upon testing a re-calibrated formula with our third test model, the situation became more dangerous. Model 3 succumbed to the same undesired side effects as exhibited with models 1 and 2, but with even more rapid consumption. Much to the surprise of our team, the effect then apparently 'jumped' to model 4, who was not wearing any prototype material.

We have locked down the laboratory to prevent any further unwanted transmission; the board of directors is considering this surprising turn of events, and perhaps how we may craft it into a success, if it can be weaponized...

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