Sunday, April 13, 2014

Art Contest 7 - "Scientific Progress Goes.....WTF?" - Results!

Apologies for the delay folks - sometimes real life has to take a little precedence.

We received six beautiful entries in this contest.  Unfortunately, only 3 can win this time around - but don't forget the viewer's choice award - the poll will be posted at the end!

It'll be interesting to see what - if any - reaction we get out of TransRepo Industries for publicizing these [potentially] very embarrassing failures.

3rd Place - A beautifully physical sequence with a somewhat painful looking transformation.

Blackshirtboy's entry - "Implants"

2nd Place - A catchy tale of TG and expansion - with a very apt well as the potential of additional growth in the near-term!

zdemian's entry - "Pronouns"

And finally - First Place goes to a very unique sort of transformation - well thought out and presented - that I haven't seen before...extra points for the mythological constructs!

Synthean's entry - "PhotoCynthia"

Thanks for the amazing entries folks - they stuck beautifully to the concept.  Best of luck to everyone in the Viewer's Choice Poll Award!  One week to get out the vote!

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  1. Thank you, Thrandrall, for awarding my entry first place, over the other outstanding submissions. And a happy 4th anniversary to this unique and valuable website!