Saturday, April 5, 2014

SPF - A Few Clarifications

I would have preferred to address these notes in the comments section, but thinking about it some more, both comments do warrant a larger response (both from SPF #6).

[quote]"Get on with it"[/quote]

I guess I didn't go into as much detail in my initial post.  My intention with this project - compared with nearly all my other commissions - is to post as it shows up - no polishing, no double-checking continuity, etc.  This is just one pic at a time....and while we could jump right into the "good stuff" - I prefer to get everything lined up just right.  Get the scene set, characters in place, build the anticipation, before dropping the pieces into place and cranking on the real transformation.

Now in response to:

[quote]"I'm a little confused, who are the guys in black? I thought they were sailors too?"[/quote]

You're definitely right and Synthean hinted at the answer in his post.  Just to clarify though, the sailors in white are enlisted folks - seamen, and junior petty officers.

Whereas the folks in black with the caps are officers.  Technically, this being the Pacific (a tropical scene), it'd be more realistic for them to be wearing their summer whites - shown below as well - but for contrasting and to avoid confusion in later scenes, it was decided to show them in their Service Dress Blues instead - still an acceptable uniform to wear off the ship on liberty.

(Choker Whites - a little more formal)

(Service Dress Blues - used)

(Summer whites - more accurate thematically)

Additionally - showing them coming from different directions in pic 2 is meant to establish arriving from different ships as well.  The rivalry can be implied from the officer/enlisted bracket - a little friendly competition - as well as the opposing crews concept.

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