Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snareser - A Change of Pace II - Part 2

The conclusion of the former donation project "A Change of Pace II" by snareser

Was it all worth it to get into the club?

Part 1.


  1. Just wow. The mix of standard comic pages and Snarser's trademark animation keyframe set-pieces combine to make their most standout work to date

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You say "to date" but this one has been available since Nov 2010 on the Donation Art page. ;p For more recent work - I highly recommend his work on Anti-Hero ( and I Love Trouble ( There's also STK: Busted ( - but honestly, I still haven't had a chance to purchase it yet.

    2. Ok, I did just check out STK: Busted - definitely worth it. Even in plain B&W.