Friday, April 4, 2014

Art Contest #7 and Blog 4th Anniversary - Countdown

Well folks, getting pretty close now and still waiting to hear from some folks.  I know a number of people have expressed interest in participating in Art Contest #7.  Please don't wait too long to get those entries submitted.  Just a little over a week left.

While my work schedule is looking pretty good for that weekend, just to be on the safe side, I'm moving the deadline to Noon Hawaii Standard Time on 12 April (sooo, about 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST) that Saturday.

That timeframe will also mark the general site celebration (such as it is) for four years of operation.  Not much to show for myself....except a lot of great art and some great new working relationships (and friendships) with some great folks.  Sometimes, that's all you really need.

Have a good one!


  1. I have a series/storyline of CG images representing an official report to the Board. What would be the optimal size? (They are rather large and were intended for reduction.)

    1. Well, blogger resizes pics pretty well to fit the screen. Unless they're enormous, it's probably not a big deal, but I would try and keep them under 2mb/file for loading purposes.

      My email address for submissions is at the bottom of the contest post. Thanks!

    2. And the images, with text, are off to your email.

      Hopefully the first and last sets of images are not too excessive when it comes to torso nudity.