Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fashion Pageant Contestant - Mr-DNA

Our contestant today (albeit delayed a little longer than I had expected - another long day) comes from a little place you may have heard of before - The Underburbs.

Rosemary Morgan (age 42) is a widowed mother of two: her son Damon and her daughter Angela.  They reside in the small New England town of Pendleton.  As of last Halloween night, Pendleton fell under a strange mist that turned over half its residents into monsters.  Rosemary is now a green-skinned witch with a flying broomstick, but still spends much of her time attending to her motherly duties.


Sequence by Mr-DNA.

Invitation by Temp-Tress.



  1. Very cute, for a monster!

  2. I wonder how her kids would react to her new body.