Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fashion Pageant Contestant - AutumnNatural

James was born into a blue collar family in 1985, and grew up the son of a auto plant worker in the suburbs of Detroit.  Throughout his childhood he experienced many hardships, mainly economic instability, which influenced his decision to break from his fathers foot steps and pursue his life's interests; marine biology.  It was vacationing on the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan as a young boy which first inspired a passion for preserving and protecting those beautiful bodies of water.  

He was apprehensive to attend college and pursue his dream, but his uncertainty was quickly washed away when he found he excelled in his classes and quickly became one of the youngest researchers hired by the Department of Natural Resources.  Today James works a lot, struggling to find time for his personal life.  He hopes to one day inspire not just the state of Michigan, but the whole world, to protect these wonders of the natural world. 

Sequence by AutumnNatural.

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