Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Discussion - Sequences, Art Contests, etc

First, just a quick note about "South Pacific Follies" - didn't want to clutter up the initial post.  Basically, Cluedog and I are both big fans of a lot of classic cartoonists.  In our last collaboration, I intended it largely as a tribute in part to Al Capp (although I haven't read as many of his comics yet, I love his creations).

SPF on the other hand is a similarly-minded tribute to the amazing comics of Milton Caniff - and while I'm still getting into the early years of Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon, this series is really in tribute to the stunning wartime, military-exclusive strip Male Call.  We hope you enjoy this little tribute...;p  The intent is to update one frame or so at a time, generally 3x a week as schedules permit.

Next, just another reminder that we are rapidly running down the clock on Art Contest #7 and I haven't seen any entries yet.  Not the end of the world if I don't receive any entries - I've got a lot of other ideas on the burners, but I thought this one would be pretty fun.  Any gift art in celebration of the Transformation Repository's 4th Anniversary would be much appreciated as well.

Lastly, I do appreciate the votes in my last poll - clearly a majority of folks (who voted) prefer that I keep the format the same.  Again, not much feedback....I'll probably look at keeping the zip/email format but I'm definitely going to *try* switching to a .pdf format for the longer projects...at least to give it a shot.  And I might eventually look at e-publishing as well - just for the heck of it if nothing else.  Interested in seeing how well some of these translate to hard copy vice just digital.

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