Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update - Part 2

To expand on my earlier post...

I am interested in any advertising images of Mistress Arianna and La De Baucherie Magique.  I have good reason to believe she's been advertising since at least the mid to late 19th century - although it was probably via mail-order catalog at that time and part of the intervening period.  Since then she's probably tried mass mailings and magazine ads - maybe even a couple billboards and other flyers before the web came along.  Not just furs either, we know she's sold all sorts of fashions, footwear, clubwear, lingerie and other odds and ends.  Most of them probably depict a customer - not necessarily before and after, but I'm guessing the majority of them fall under that style.

I am very interested in any renditions folks can provide - not looking for any low-res scans or poor tracings here - someone's got to have a few high quality images somewhere - maybe in an old trunk in the attic or from that stack of magazines in the basement.  I might even be willing to pay a small amount (tbd) for your trouble.

If you think you have something that fits the above descriptions, please drop me a line (thrandrall[at]

In other news....the posting schedule for "Morphball Acquired" will be adjusted - I think I'll need to fit a post a day this week.  I'll be heading out of town pretty soon for an extended period.  I plan on taking my laptop with me and should have semi-regular access - but I can't guarantee constant access to email, etc.


  1. I assume then, you wont require the 5 comments for each day requirement, then?

  2. Well you guys were doing really well on the feedback so far - hopefully switching to daily posts won't have any bearing on the number/quality of comments.