Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Art Contest 4 - Mistress Arianna - Results!

Wow!  There were some absolutely amazing entries here!  Thanks so much to all the great artists who submitted pieces for this contest.  It was great to see such a variety of styles and portrayals of my character.

And the winners are....:

3rd Prize:  Wrenzephyr2 with his beautiful TG and race-change combination sequence.

2nd Prize:  wizdomtooth with a combination of changes in a uniquely illustrated style.

aaaaaaand......the first place prize for this contest goes to:

sidneymt - with an absolutely amazing animated gif!

Thanks so much for playing everyone.  Stay tuned for the next contest...announcement probably within the next couple of weeks.  Looks like we'll be going with this smaller format again - seems to do better drawing folks in.

For the moment though, you have one week to vote for your favorite pic out of all the entries - for the Viewer's Choice Award!


  1. :D I'm so proud to be included!!

    Even though I participated can I vote for the gif as my favorite?

  2. Anyone can vote for any entry - at the end of one week, the entry with the most votes wins!

  3. The GIF is fantastic! So much so that I'll forgive the use of "iz" in place of "is"