Monday, October 15, 2012

Oppaiman illustrates "An American in Hell"

For those of you who see this update first and immediately follow it, there will be an additional explanatory post following.

That said, I am happy to present an old favorite of mine (came across it years ago):

An American in Hell by Hugh G. Breastman

It seems as though it will require a significant amount of time to actually format a story to look reasonable on the blogger template.  Copying and pasting from word or even the website doesn't seem to retain any formatting.

That said, however, why deprive you of Oppaiman's excellent art?  Here are his first illustrations for the story. 

Note: I do not take any credit for the story - just the presentation here.


  1. Excellent! "An American in Hell" is one of my longtime favorites -- the "forced" clothing transformations in particular really do it for me -- and I think Oppaiman was a great choice of illustrator.

  2. Thanks...enjoyed it a lot since I first read it back in...probably fall '98. Pretty tight little piece overall. Looking at adding a number more of the older ones from MarkT's story archive, SRU and the newly re-vitalized Multibreast Archive.

    Thought the links for some of my stories might have disappeared, but a number have been re-posted at fictionmania and other sites.

    Just taking more time to decide exactly on the content. I may post stories with more explicit details from time to time, but just limit which portions of the story I would like to see illustrated - there are some that start out really good and stay pretty solid for the most part before falling apart towards the end.

    1. Mind sharing a link or to to the places you mentioned?

  3. Wow! Great seeing more of Oppaiman's work! I'm also digging the Illustrated Stories! Way to go!

  4. Ooh, Multibreast Archive -- what comes to mind from there is "Wish Upon a Starr" by Grosporina, speaking of stories with clothing transformations. (And its two sequels, although those get more and more explicit, if I recall correctly.)

  5. Well, all the stories I directly referenced are linked to on the "story" page - from there you can explore further. I may add some additional stories in the future.