Sunday, August 17, 2014

Solios - An Accident Waiting to Happen (Day 5)

16 August 2014 - This division has been unable to complete routine reporting protocols following a string of unavoidable technical difficulties.  Exceptions have been granted by Corporate Head Quarters, and the following reports summarize the consecutive periods beginning with 31 July 2014 through 3 August 2014 utilizing the extant video and audio recordings that survived the previously reported disturbances.  Technical Support is still attempting to determine the point of origin of the disturbances.

1 August 2014 - Marking 120 hours post-exposure, we are witnessing some of the first truly unique changes to the subjects.  That is to say, physical changes beyond that previously recorded by TransRepo Industries researchers during commercial exchanges with Parallel D4E.  The key chemical components have been conclusively tied to samples received from Parallel D4E still being evaluated for consumer use to include [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted].

Yellow: "Now there's one for the wall.  Want me to share this one or just post it on the departmental site anonymously?"

Red: "What the hell?!?  Get that camera out of my face and help me get up!  What in the world is going on?"

Blue: "Are you ok?  That looks like it hurts."

Red: "My ass hurts - I think I fell on my tail.  My legs just tingle."

Blue: "Need a hand getting up?"

Red: "No, I think I'll just lie here for a's strangely comfortable on the floor - so much easier than sitting down normally."

Yellow: "Is that sarcasm?  I can't even tell with you any more."

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  1. Please tell me one of them turns into a full on cow!!!