Monday, August 18, 2014

Solios - An Accident Waiting to Happen (Day 6)

16 August 2014 - This division has been unable to complete routine reporting protocols following a string of unavoidable technical difficulties.  Exceptions have been granted by Corporate Head Quarters, and the following reports summarize the consecutive periods beginning with 31 July 2014 through 3 August 2014 utilizing the extant video and audio recordings that survived the previously reported disturbances.  Technical Support is still attempting to determine the point of origin of the disturbances.

2 August 2014 - At a clearly defined 144 hours post-exposure, further changes to each subject exposed to [redacted] chemicals from Parallel D4E have progressed along variously branching physical paths.  While repeated reviews of photographic records have demonstrated that the subjects each initially made physical contact with the chemicals along different portions of their anatomy, there is no clear scientific explanation in our reality as to why that would cause physical variations to this degree.

 Blue: "Please!  If you're going to wave that thing around - do it in another corner of the room."

Yellow: "Hey, settle down gal.  Not like you to get all hyped up.  'Sides, I'm moving fast as I can.  Miss Four Legs over there is all up in my personal space."

Red: "You try coordinating two new limbs from scratch.  For all I know the neurons are being built while I wait."

Yellow: "Least you could watch it with the horns too, gal.  I mean, I'm all for hookin' 'em, but this is getting crazy."

Blue: "No kidding.  Who knows how much it'll cost me at the stylist next time."

Red: "You're assuming they're ever going to let us out of here.  A few hours ago knows."

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