Friday, November 22, 2013

DMA - Board Meeting Minutiae - Part 1

Up front, I should note that the next couple of posts do diverge a little from my standard commission.  Every now and then, I feel the need to experiment with somewhat....stranger....concepts - potentially more disturbing or just darker in approach and material.  I guess it's a way of venting in some ways, but the result is definitely a little different from the normal pieces to say the least.  I really enjoyed working with DMA on these, and the pictures came out beautifully (his artwork is stunning) - and very close to what I imagined they would - so take that for what it's worth.  

While there is no "process" in this first post, there is most definitely a sort of "process" in the next post - quite different from my previous projects.

There will be a post following this series showing all of the following images in much more detail as well (higher res, etc).  Probably by the middle of next week.

On with the show.


{The following is a digitized transcription for official record keeping purposes of TransRepo Industries Board Meeting #131030A2 convened by CEO and Chairwoman of the Board Dr. Valarie Francesco.  All board members were confirmed physically present by routine biometrics and DNA sampling with the exception of Dr. Joseph D'armigna, Director of Cybernetics and Dr. Lorraine Yu, Director of Organic Biotics and Cosmetics - a quorum plus one.}

"To begin with, I would like to briefly congratulate Dr. Harrison on the his division's completion of the 2014-series poodle-girl genetic design coding project.  I expect this near-perfect design should start us off very well next spring."

"Step forward young lady and let the members of the board take a good look at you."


"Thank you for the presentation, you can have a seat in the next room.  We'll speak with you later."

{aside}"She's not the brightest bulb of the current lot, but with her modeling background, she certainly carries the pose much better than most of them."{/aside}

"However, this success also brings up a much more serious matter related to this product line.  Let me direct you to the following images which have begun appearing online."


"While I can confirm that the images are real and feature a number of test subjects currently employed by the Genetics division, the fact is that the release of these images, context-free by biased individuals and organizations outside of TransRepo Industries runs the risk of severely compromising our bottom line and more importantly investor blowback in a time of financial uncertainty.  TransRepo Industries is currently responsible for over 100,000 jobs on 5 continents and we cannot afford to let issues like this distract us from the larger picture - particularly after the previous publicized debacle of Dr. West and the Fashion Division earlier this year with the failed"furrification" roll-out."



"For the record, every one of these individuals knew the potential risks of these genetic experiments when they signed their contracts.  They are full employees of the corporation with all the pay and benefits that come with that status.  As per standard policy, they receive guaranteed income, food, housing and medical care for the duration of their natural lives."

"While the conditions portrayed in the images are admittedly 'spartan' you will note from the images' metadata that these were taken during the period that Dr. D'armigna's 'security droids' were being 're-programmed' - and consequently that during this period we were all forced to shift offices several times due to issues of 'workplace safety'."


"What we absolutely cannot permit however, is the context-free posting and sharing of candid images of this nature, which violate both corporate non-disclosure agreements and more importantly the privacy of our employees."

"To that end, we have determined that the images will all be denounced as obvious digital fakes.  I believe we can tie them quite effectively to the vocal and generally ridiculous activist organization EPATRI (Ethical People Against TransRepo Industries) - not least because their founder Maria Belloc was the individual responsible for the photographs and their release."

{Pause recording} be continued

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