Sunday, October 31, 2010

Art Contest #3 - Alien Experimentation

Alright….time for the third Art Contest…this one is open to pretty much everything – within few thematic elements. It’s also a little smaller with a shorter deadline (given the holiday period), but hopefully will still be something many of you can work with.

The new deadline is midnight 3 January!
The primary theme here (as previously noted) is alien abduction/experimentation – looking back at some of the retro thematic tropes again. The beautiful woman abducted and experimented on by some horrible little green man or some such…what sorts of awful things will she be subjected to?

 Looking at some of the classic damsels in distress here – cheerleaders, scientists, socialites, etc.
I know there are probably some better examples out there, but I’ve been hard pressed to come up with them recently – although the ones always in the back of my mind are some of the ones from the Mars Attacks revamp in the 90s. Sarah Jessica Parker’s head on a chihuahua or the transformation of Cannibal Anne in the Topps comics.

Now for process here, this one will be very open to interpretation again. The idea here only requires 3 pictures – although more are always encouraged. There should be an initial picture showing the subject in question, a mid-process pic, and a final form picture. Any appearances by the aliens conducting said experiments is also appreciated – preferably an original design, but I’m not too particular there.

The transformation can encompass any real process topics – transformation, tg, expansions, etc. But the idea here is to get as crazy as you want (within reason). It can also encompass a variety of transformation means including surgical, ray guns, morphing chamber, etc – a visual display of the means of transformation is a big plus.

Get crazy with this one ;p …a concert pianist having lobster claws grafted on her arms (or a few other arms/tentacles!), a waitress from a fried chicken restaurant merged with a potential dinner, a bikini model winding up with a few extra breasts – in odd places, etc. Maybe the odd shrinkage or growth…with a few other variations…
I fully encourage you to share this challenge with other friends and artists you may know who don’t regularly read this site. Any artist I have previously commissioned from – even the same subject matter – is welcome to compete, but the submission must be a new piece.

On 4 Jan, I’ll announce three winners – First prize $150, second prize $100, third prize $50 – cash prize from me to you via paypal. As with the first contest, it’ll be followed by open voting on all the submitted sequences and the audience favorite – regardless of whether it already won a prize – will win an additional cash prize of $
100. That’s right – only 2 months for the competition, but the prizes are the same!

Now the hard and fast rules (no real changes here):

1. All work must be the original work of the person submitting it. No exceptions.

2. Sequences must be at least 3 pictures long. There is no upper limit to the number of pictures and additional consideration will extended for additional effort.

3. Any medium is accepted – pencils, ink, paint, digital art, CGI renders, photomorphs, etc – or any combination of mediums.

4. All submissions should include the following information (which will also be posted with the picture): artist name, medium(s), scenario (if applicable), sequence title (optional) – and any other additional information you think is relevant.

5. Subjects must be adults – at least 18 – NO exceptions!

6. Any artist may submit as many sequences as they wish.

7. Unlimited revisions are allowed during the submission period.

8. No copyrighted characters are permitted (unless they're your own characters). This means no anime, videogame, movie, comic/manga characters, etc. I’m not counting variations on a thematic trope – ie. little green aliens/grays – they’re seriously ingrained in the collective subconscious by this point – and anyhoo – that’s the point of this contest ;p
9. By entering a submission, you are automatically giving permission for me to post it on the site clearly labeled and identified as an art contest entry – and although I would prefer to avoid it, if the artist wishes to remain anonymous, I am amenable to posting their entries in that fashion.
10. Submissions should be addressed to me: – subject line should contain the artist’s name and that it is intended as a submission for the Art Contest.

Additional Guidance:
a. Upper body nudity is permitted but should not be excessive. Lower body nudity will be frowned upon. Sexual activity is right out. (This is a great opportunity to try out some new poses or stances).

b. Constructive criticism by others is encouraged in the comments section, but *should* be accompanied by suggestions on how issues might be addressed, improved, etc.

c. Extra consideration will be given for judicious, original and innovative use of fur, clothing, BE or other additional tf styles (ie. WG – within svelte, sexy limits ;p), hair growth, etc. Backgrounds or scenarios are optional but also encouraged.

Have at it!

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