Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Different Sort of Donation Project

It probably shouldn't have taken me so long to do this - but to be honest - this is only my second night at home since the 10th due to work issues - I generally have email access through my cellphone and often (but not always) computers at work - but not access to update the site.

Even in the line of work I'm in, I don't always have an opportunity to follow the news as much as I should - that said, I have seen quite a bit on Super Typhoon Haiyan - and it has hit me harder than a lot of disaster stories.  (take that as you will....I'm working on things).

This one was different than Katrina or Sandy - for me at least.  I spent five years growing up in the Philippines.  We had a lot of typhoons then...I still remember my freshman year in high school - sitting in my dorm room with the power out in the middle of the day and reading Frank Herbert's "Dune" for the first time by the light coming in the shuttered windows - as the whole building rattled.  But that was up in Metro Manila.  We never had anything like Haiyan hit up there when I was there. 

Basically....I've already made one personal donation.  But I figure, with all the work I put into this site, I oughta use it for something else too - I sure can't do one of those "draw for donations"....but I can "donate for donations."

As I've explained here - for each "donation project" donation, the artist gets 30% and about 60% goes towards new projects after paypal charges. 

For the month of November, for each donation made in the project I'll donate the full amount I receive towards typhoon relief.  It won't affect the percentage the artist receives at all - just my chunk.  Since I'm so late in the game, this is fully retroactive for the entire month - currently about $102 worth of donations - thanks to Oppaiman's new project.

On Sunday the 1st (still Thanksgiving weekend!), I'll donate the full amount to MAP International towards Typhoon Relief.  Yes, it's a Christian organization - one I've supported on several other occasions - with a very strong focus on medical relief.  Compared to say - the Red Cross (7.6%), only 2.6% of donations go towards administrative costs.

As always, when you donate, please list the name of the project you'd like to receive.

Thanks for the support.

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