Friday, July 27, 2012

Promo Pics, Animations and More!

Finally back in town - and this time I mean to stay...for at least a few more months.  I will have a big move coming up later this fall - which may curtail some new productions temporarily, but with your continued support we'll have a lot more coming.

As a small sample of some of the projects in the pipeline we've got a couple pics from Cluedog.

Both these pics are from Cluedog's upcoming donation project follow-up to Champagne Wishes!  I think we'll all be amazed by the incredible amount of creativity and variety that will be on display from this incredible artist.

Next, I have a couple small frames (incomplete - not representative of final work) from Blackshirtboy's upcoming project for me.  This one is not a donation project but is definitely "extended length" compared to most of my commissions and I think a posting format similar to "Showdown at Grave's Dam" will probably work really well for it!

Lastly, we have several new animated gifs from Nobunaga featured on the Gift Art page.  I love a good animation!

Before I forget, I have been taking notice of the poll results - as noted earlier.  Don't have any major comment to make on them at the moment...but I do hope to have some more relevant pieces to post soon.  May post some more polls soon too.  Thanks again for the feedback - and feel free to leave comments - I read every one.

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  1. Afro girl looks very hot. Champagne Wishes kicked ass so it's very exciting to see the next installment. Not sure what to make with blackshityboy's though. Don't see yo much now, but I'm sure it'll be good.