Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pink-Diapers - Ad Campaign

This isn't a direct response to the votes I'm seeing right now, but I do appreciate the feedback nonetheless.  Pink-Diapers has actually been working on this project for a little while. 

TransRepo Industries has been around for a quite a while.  Like many other large companies, they are always looking to diversify into various profitable business areas.  Personally, I wouldn't have thought adult diapers were necessarily a growth industry at this point, but I'm apparently wrong on that point.  More to the point, it might have something to do with how these diapers apparently grow on you as well.

Can't help but imagine we'll be seeing more similar ad campaigns in the future.


  1. TransRepo's ad agency could use a copy editor. :-)

    (The proper spelling here is "discreet," which means "unobtrusive" in this context. "Discrete" is a different word entirely; it means "separate and distinct.")

  2. Good catch. Slid right by me ;p

  3. Good to see some ab/dl art again. You're a huge benefit to many communities Thrandrall, keep up the good work!