Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darkoshen - Remasters and New Releases

Many of you will no doubt by now recognize Darkoshen - the recently re-surfaced and amazingly prolific artist featured just a week ago.  When someone this fast, efficient and affordable comes along, I try to take advantage of my opportunities.

That said, I think it would be interesting to examine the first piece he did for me as a request nearly a year ago.

Below the break is one he did for me about a week ago - what an amazing improvement in the intervening period.

I was naturally suitably impressed - but that's not necessarily very hard when I work with so many great artists.

So where that was a bit of a remaster, the next sequence covers some familiar ground while including a couple different twists.  Need to work in some more in-animate transformations on the whole, but I think these turned out pretty well overall. 


  1. An excellent series, with great art, TG, transformation, and suitably puffy fur. Well done.

    - Furco

  2. One additional comment though, that I missed: in the second panel, where is the blonde's left arm?

    - Furco