Sunday, January 2, 2011

Site Updates: Donation Art, etc.

A few more announcements:

1.  The next project has been added to the Donation Art Project.  I'm very happy to feature "The Playground" by Pink-Diapers.  The follow-up to "The Bus Stop".

2.  Voting has ended on my end of the year..."What do you want to see next" poll.  Clearly I need some more TG projects on the site....although hopefully "Stocking Stuffers" by Cluedog will satisfy you folks for a little while.  I've got a great idea for the first new commission of the year - just narrowing down the artist.

3.  Check in tomorrow for the start of a brand new, extended piece by fan-favorite Mr-DNA.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by a departure from my normal commission style - and we're going to drag it out a little just for fun ;p

4.  Last but definitely not least - time's running out to submit your entries for Art Contest #3.  And stand by for the announcement of Contest #4. 


  1. I am getting very sick of how any sort of TF website/thread tends to get completely dominated by TG the moment it is even mentioned as a possibility.

  2. I've seen that some places true, but given that I'm responsible for nearly all the content that shows up here, I'm not too concerned about it. Granted some folks like it more than other processes - my main interest is generally in combining it with other projects - like the variety.