Sunday, January 30, 2011

Andrade - The Camping Trip: The Conclusion

Well, I think collectively, the commenters on the part one got it right (with the obvious exception of one tf that wasn't hinted at initially).

As I said before, I've been waiting a long time for this sequence and it turned out beautifully.  A little more "furry" than I had originally envisioned, but given the amount of time and effort and detail put into it, I have no real complaints.

Stay tuned later this weekend for some post-sequence bonus pics.


  1. Not a bad sequence.
    The lack of a reaction to the changes as they is sort of off putting, but the reactions to the result are amusing.

  2. I like it. I agree that it is quite weird that there is no reaction to the changes but that does not change the fact that it's a good sequence.

  3. Great. This is the kind of tfs I love: slow but observable changes, little reaction (or acknowledgement) coming from the characters, little sexual themes, and not too bizarre changes. This, my friends, is art.

  4. It's odd that there is no reaction whatsoever to the change as it happens, or even really afterwards. Obviously this process included a healthy dose of mental changing as well! :)

    Nice sequence. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can tell where all the triggers for the changes come from now (two girls poking the turtle, two guys checking out the bear claw marks, girl rubbing her rabbit's foot, girl giving the park ranger part of a deer antler, etc.), except the raccoon girl. Was that change triggered by her glasses?

  6. Good art; found it very strange that the subjects basically acted like nothing was happening.


  7. I never visited this blog before but I wanted to respond to this.

    Mr or Miss Andrade made a very nice and cute little sequence, I really like the antho girls, not to over sexualized.

    The skunk girl is my favorite but that is because I have a thing for them.

    The bonus pictures were also very nice and cute.

  8. Personally, while I liked the whole sequence, I also would have liked some reaction to the changes, and myself, I would have like that the guy that turned into the girl that later became the skunkgirl hadn't turned into a skunkgirl, but instead stayed human, and possibly given her now small top and miniskirt, had begun to bimbofy instead.