Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cluedog - Crossing the Street...or "When Did We Enter the Red Light District?"

My first commission by the stupendous Cluedog (aka Smooch).  Naturally, I went all out with the request as far as pic count...truth be told, I think my choice of increments here was probably a little excessive, but naturally Cluedog did a fantastic job.

While I could go and post each individual frame...I'm a lazy bastard with a lot of other stuff to post...and if I spent all day on this blog, I'd never get any other commissions written up ;p  I'll just direct you to TG Comics - where you can find this frame by frame as well as many of Cluedog's other pieces (including other ones by yours truly).

And if the image size is jacked up on this pic, feel free to go to Cluedog's DA site - linked above - to get the full version.

And while you're on his page, you would do yourself an incredible disservice not to read his amazing comic "Opey the Warhead" all the way through - or even better yet, order the TPB (you might need to note him to order it, but I'll double check on that).

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  1. Have you seen the colored version of this? It's even more amazing.