Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arania - A Day at the Mall

Hearkening back to some of my first experiences with TF, TG, etc on the internet, I'm happy to bring back an interpretation of Bill Hart's "Spells 'R Us".  (Reference Links: 1, 2 - no guarantees that all links on those pages are still good).

Working with Arania, I think this has turned out to be my longest project to date - and I'd say that it turned out very well overall.  Inks only for the time being, but hopefully I'll get it colored in the future.  About 3/5 of this has already been posted on Arania's site, but what follows below is the complete shebang - all 53(!) images.

A Saturday at the mall turned out a little different than one couple expected when they left the house that morning...but then, everyone has a different experience when they visit Spells 'R Us.

While I'll admit that some (many?) aspects of this piece are probably familiar to folks following my commissions - I sincerely hope I can say that I surprised some of you with the final outcome - shades of Sarah Jessica Parker!

Please leave feedback.  And please feel free to link to this page - but don't post the pictures elsewhere.

Please leave feedback. ;p

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  1. One of my favorite older sequences on this site.