Wednesday, May 4, 2016

0pik-0ort - Baker's Dozen 6

"What did I tell you - the right ingredients and a little patience - and these sweeties will turn out perfectly.  I mean, would you just take a look at these - can you zoom in a little more?  Absolutely divine.  What's more, we've got enough for everyone in the audience to try one - believe me you don't want to miss out on one of these babies!"

"What?  Where'd they all go?"

"Well that cleared the studio faster than usual...I thought we'd have at least one fetishist left behind...ya know the ones you gotta get security to haul out....never can tell with some types.  Their loss....these things are great."

"And that's a wrap....who's up for lunch?  Chinese today?"

Art by 0pik-0ort

Un-enhanced image after the break. 


  1. Hmm.... So it's cinnamon bun buns, Chocolate-chip cookie gut, and... Torte tits? Popover pillows? Can't place the breast TF...

  2. Awesome sequence. There aren't too many food TFs out there.