Monday, July 13, 2015

Discussion - Micro-Crowdfunding Project in Progress!

So, if you've seen the new project and associated poll - you might be wondering how they're connected.

In brief, this is an attempt to experiment...a little belatedly...with a micro-crowd-funding concept.  If I had started this site earlier or Patreon had come around sooner, I might have better integrated the donation art concept in a more uniform/streamlined fashion - but it didn't work out that way.

So, I'm just mucking around with ideas at this point and this seems like a good way to give it a shot.

Basically - as I post the upcoming pics, I want to expand the story further and you as viewers can support and provide input into how it develops.  We're really going to keep it fairly simple this time around though.

Regardless of whether you folks vote for which character you feel deserves to be disciplined for the security lapse, I will commit to pay for a starting pic and a finishing pic of a transformation sequence by Solios. this juncture, you're only voting for the characters to be featured - the discipline "format" voting will come next week.  Once we're at that stage, it will cost about $60 for each simple single stage in a transformation sequence for each individual character.  I will be accepting donations towards that goal - and posting daily updates - through my normal paypal donations account - for a short period while the rest of the current sequence is being posted.  For the purposes of easy numbers, I will count all donations in whole numbers towards the end state and "suck up" the paypal fees on my end (as I already do with the donation project). 

Basically...the more detailed a transformation that you wish to see...the more you need to fork out - although frankly, I don't think this is particularly burdensome, since you also get to vote for the transformation concept (from a generally set selection - keeping in mind prior TransRepo Industry projects).  I will be open to additional options - and the comments section on this post is a great place to submit them.  I'm definitely open to comments and feedback - as always.

Thanks!  Vote on!


  1. I'll just throw it out there because there has been a bit of it seen in the past. ABDL punishment? Preferably clothes morphing to thick disposables?

    1. There are more of those projects coming from other artists - very soon I hope - but in this case, we're looking at more of a genetic manipulation aspect. So...thinking more like the previous solios, cobalt_k, synthean or DMA pics.

  2. I voted 'other', in order to nominate the entire HR department for not doing their jobs. Because screw you, HR!

    1. I appreciate the motivation, but I'm not certain that's quite as feasible this time around. Better to pick some upper leadership management types and make an example of them. If it happens again after this though....better watch out!