Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well, slowly inching closer to the 5 year mark (April 9) and the 5 million pageview mark.  I'm guessing we'll hit the date first but what the heck.  Honestly...I don't have any big plans for celebrating the anniversary at this time (although plenty of additional projects in the works).  Any gift art is very graciously appreciated as always.  Your donations in support of artists featured here is also greatly appreciated - and ALWAYS goes to fund more art.

That said...I did have one little idea regarding a "celebration" of sorts.  The first person to send me a screenshot of 5 million views - or the closest number *over* 5 million ("The price is wrong!") will win a $250 commission of their choice from the artist of their choice - pending artist availability and content approval.  So obviously....there's a bit of leeway there on my end, but it is my money.

You take the shot, let me know what you want to see by whom - and we'll see what we can do.  Nothing guaranteed.

And what the heck...I'd really like to see a little more viewer participation here in the comments as well.  I enjoy reading feedback on DA or FA - but it'd be nice to have the opportunity to respond directly on my site too.  Might have to make some future project posting contingent on comments - as I've done previously :)

Still planning on upgrading/moving the site - but it'll probably happen later in the year when I have a little more time.


  1. I'm taking it that it's the first screenshot sent in email correct?

  2. sounds good. and quite the prize!

  3. There you go.

    I took the liberty of showing this website's source code. I think that, even without web design knowledge, it's rather clear what I did there.
    If I was less honest, I didn't reveal my edits.

    Now, did I get my free $250 commission?

    1. Part 2:
      Just to be clear, if you're out of the loop, about editing source code. It's no big deal and you won't even notice it at your end.
      Think of loading a website as a copy from a copying machine. The original page is at the webserver, and when you load it, you receive a copy. Only you, transrepo-admin, can change the original page via the blogspot backend.
      If I change it (like I did), I basically edited my personal copy, like going with a marker over a paper copy, the original still intact. And when I reload the website, I discard my current copy (screen turns white) and get a new copy, with all the edits lost.

      So basically, this is me saying you're safe.

      This was just a tool, that can be handy when debugging personal websites; i.e. looking for errors by changing content without worry about permanently destroying it, as a simple refresh will discard all changes.

    2. Ok...whatever. I see a counter at the bottom of my screen that reads 4,765,xxx - so I'm pretty sure I'll know when I see a legit screenshot (img file by email - address is visible on paypal receipts or my art contest blog posts).