Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hamotilok - Shoplifters

A concept that's been bouncing around for a long time - it's certainly been used in plenty of SRU stories - and I have used the shoplifting project as part of larger projects too.  That said, it's a fun little idea - definitely one to use again in the future.

Hamotilok generally specializes in petrification and inanimate transformations - which I felt fit this project a little more closely than some others.

You'd think a place like La De Baucherie Magique might get a reputation....then again, if nobody ever makes it out after a "job"...nobody gets the message?


  1. I don't like thieves but this seems to be a bit of a extreme way to deal with them

  2. Great piece! Love the fur transformation.


  3. Excellent works.