Thursday, April 16, 2015

South Pacific Follies - Epilogue

Well, under most circumstances, I wouldn't feel the need to add to a completed project - but this concept really spoke to me - and I believe it serves equally well as a bit of closure to a character arc and a segue to the future.  More gorgeous vintage-styled work by cluedog.  I can't thank her enough for this project!

And so we find our gals in the spring of 1944, about 9 months later and 5000 miles from our last visit with them - ready to get back in the action.

I can just hear the stories now.

"Tell me grandma, what did you do during the war?"

"Ohhh, where to begin...?"


  1. great addition to a excellent series. Always like cluedogs work

  2. so I am guess s this is the day of the story.l

  3. so I am guess s this the end of the story.