Tuesday, February 17, 2015

immortaltom - Streaming Commission - Updated!

Thanks to the weather - I got the day off work.  It finally gave me a chance to get in on one of immortaltom's streaming commission sessions.  Great stuff as always - a little harder to get a sequential piece, but his one-shots are always amazing - just harder for me to satisfactorily visualize in advance.

For this piece, a local TransRepo Industries franchise was hiring for a position in their employee daycare facility.  Turns out that even though there was only one full-time position, there were several part-time jobs available.  At least the pay's part-time, even if the job takes a full-time commitment.  There's always opportunities for growth though - especially as the economy improves.

This is a really pleasant surprise - technosasquatch went out and colored this piece - very promptly and professionally.  Really brightens up the overall look.  This piece should show up on the Gift Art page shortly.


  1. you want a colored version? I have it done.

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