Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Another year, another set of fantasies to try and get off my chest ;p

I've got big plans for a number of different projects with a number of different artists this year - some new, some still outstanding from 2014, but I think you'll enjoy all of them.  After South Pacific Follies (not quite completed), I will be trying some more long-form posted-as-they-come projects from a couple different artists, attempting to tell more concrete stories (potentially more poignant too, I hope - albeit some still primarily non-verbal).

I also hope to develop both of my primary OC universes considerably more - Mistress Arianna with La De Baucherie Magique and the (in)famous TransRepo Industries (and associated employees).  There will be some intermingling as always, but I'm trying to give both more backstory and development - although what that will lead to in the future has yet to be determined.

I still have a number of donation art projects on the way too (about 5 currently in production, a number more in the planning stages) - between these and the long form projects, there may be fewer short pieces posted here - depending on resources and donation support - but that may change.  I hoped to have had more available last year, but schedules just didn't work out that way.

As always your continued support is greatly appreciated, both in comments and email feedback and in donation support - to me and the artists represented.  I have a rather unique project planned up front - that I hope to have in the works this month that will offer some slightly different options (stand by for multiple polls) - that will require significantly more direct input from you as the viewers - and I'll keep you posted as we progress.

Thanks - Have a Great New Year!

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