Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Zanfadar/Navsquid - Changing Roles

Well......I guess I was wrong.  One more piece to post for 2014.  This one came out just in time.  Drawn by Zanfadar and colored by Navsquid.

Obviously it doesn't fit this current season quite as well ;p - but I'm sure not waiting till next summer to post it.  Always treat your pets as you would like to be treated!  Otherwise, you never know, but Mistress Arianna might have something to say to you.

Original inks at the bottom of the post.


  1. I really love this process i would like to see more of this :)

    1. Which specific portion? The skin swapping or something else?

    2. Mostly the skin swapping and transformation part :)

    3. Possibly, but it would probably stay pretty close to this conceptually.

    4. Maybe it can be done with another animal to mix things up, rabbit or a cat or something like that. I don't mind if it would looks like this. i love the way this is made