Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, apologies for the lack of posting this week.  After the big production of Swan Song a few other things are pending but not ready just yet - stay tuned for some new formats and tweaking!

In the meantime, I did want to reach back and thank Catfish and Case Scenario in particular for their detailed and insightful comments on the project - definitely the most worthwhile and detailed feedback I've had in the 2 1/2 + years that the site's been up.  While I didn't get around to responding to Catfish's last post directly, I did want to add some follow-up comments on my rationale for running the page. 

I guess part of it really stems from acting as a commissioner/patron rather than as an artist or writer directly.  That is to say...I write up the scenario (and in some cases a much more detailed script) and wait to see how it turns out from the artist.  I guess aside from Swan Song, the only project(s) I've posted to date with any distinct narrative - that is to say "characters, plot, conflict, resolution, etc" would have to be - "Showdown at Grave's Dam" and to a lesser extent - "Looking For Love".  Just about every single other project falls pretty much under the "vignette" format - even longer ones like "Test Pilot" and "Morphball Acquired."  Sure I've developed characters and locations, but it's been difficult to work out the best format for them in some cases between my limited writing time and other resources.

I guess what it really comes down to though - is the purpose behind the site in general...there are plenty of great TF/TG artists out there.  There are plenty of great sites featuring those artists (and writers) - but I've got a pretty wild imagination, and there are always combinations of art and transformations, etc - that I don't feel get enough representation elsewhere - so I work on them myself....- hence the poodle-girl focus, the furs, etc - personal can find cow-girl/cat-girl/etc artwork anywhere (although some artists take it to another level) - but who goes out of their way to come up with a TG/TF walrus-combo? ;p

That said, I am always working on ways to develop my site/interests further - as I've mentioned before - I've got a LONG-format comic in the works at the moment - 23 pages and counting...and just started early preps for a second one on a different theme/style with another artist.  That's not to say these are deep, thought provoking pieces of work - but they're heavy in content along the lines of what most of us find *interesting*. 

And one magnum opus - content heavy, mature and plot-driven..."Growing up Gecko" - will progress.  We'll see how much more I can get written this fall - maybe knock out the rest of the character reference pics (not necessarily posted online anywhere).


On other matters...wanted to pimp Mr-DNA's awesome second TPB of Underburbs - awesome art, hilarious writing and the "cast commentary" this time around is excellent!  I cannot recommend this comic highly enough to anyone out there - family friendly content, great tf material, well-produced all around!

Also, as always - you get a free sketch from him with your order - got all my original art from the last few sequences as well.  And check this out - talk about a class act!


Well, should have some more content this week.  In the meantime...check out this sweet pic of Mistress Arianna by Cluedog - WIP for the next donation project!

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  1. I hope you didn't take my comment as a complaint about the works that I happened to link to -- I was just interested in the fact that "Swan Song" drew objections and other things you've presented here, which I saw as having "worse" outcomes for the people involved, didn't really.

    I do enjoy all the artwork you generously commission and post here -- even if the particular transformation itself may not necessarily be "up my alley," I can still find something of interest.