Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update....becoming a habit!

A few things to note in this weekly weekend update.  First off...regarding "Showdown at Grave's Dam" - it's nice to see that I can post things here and get a reaction from folks.  Thanks for the comments everyone.  I know folks like TG...and Mr-DNA always does an amazing job, but I would have figured most folks watching here would know by now that it can't be that simple if it's one of my's gotta get weird!  Sure I have a lot of TG-related content here, but that's hardly the focus of this page.  You can go anywhere for TG sequences with happy (or sad) endings...mine just tend to wind up a little more special most of the time.

Next, for our special postings this week:

I have a quick Gecko Girl pinup by Balitiger23 on the "Growing Up Gecko" page.

Next, a quick multi-breast pin-up by The-journey.  Originally, the identity was supposed to be more specific, but this girl worked out alright in my book.  There's also a massive 4.5mb version below the page break.

Next....a quick teaser of my next project.  The several-times-a-week posting schedule of "Showdown" worked so well, I've got another long comic.  This one's over twice as long and featuring another favorite artist - Oppaiman

"Looking For Love" will tentatively be posted on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule...but that's still subject to change.  Let's just say...I'm hitting most of my favorite bases in this project.....sooooo, I guess ymmv ;p

If any of you are wondering about the decreased number of listed projects in "Pending Commissions" - there are several reasons for that.  1.  Large projects currently ongoing.  2.  Most of the ideas I've come up with recently have been unfortunately very large/long-form and I haven't had anywhere close to the free time required to sit down and write them up thoroughly.  3.  Funds are a little tighter as well.

Lots of plans in the works, but my job has been really crazy lately and I haven't been able to devote nearly as much time to ongoing stuff - although I do have a number of ideas prepped...just waiting on funds to open up, etc.

Speaking of which...stay tuned for an update re: Donation Projects next week.

Finally - please pass the word about the current Art Contest.  It'd be really nice to have a few more entries next month.  Entries can be submitted at any time - no need to wait till the last night.


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