Friday, February 4, 2011

Showdown at Grave's Dam #10

Sincere apologies for the delay!

Story by thrandrall, art by Mr-DNA.


  1. I'm such a jerk stickler for animal TFs. It's really kind of stupid because all TFs are pure fantasy after all, but I've been this way since the awful Manimal TFs. I can't help myself:

    Snakes have TAILS. That means an extension of the spine. Only seals have 'trapped' legs. Legs should shrink while tail grows. Gryf's fantastic dolphin animation was one of the few to get it right.

    Oh, and the rear legs of quadrupeds and birds don't have reversed knees.

    Stickler out.

  2. Yeeeeeeeah....? This series is all about realism. Didn't you notice that getting shot through the heart with a magic bullet will also turn you into a woman.

  3. Well, that was unexpected. :) Liked her more before, though.


  4. I would have preferred they stay human, but this is a twist.

  5. it would've been nice
    when they get shot again they gain new memories as women and live out their lives as their female counterparts:
    one as a hooker
    one as southern belle who wants to settle down with the man of her dreams.

  6. Would have preferred they stayed human.