Sunday, December 19, 2010

Powerman2000 - Thanksgiving Surprise

I sort of had big plans for this one originally, but I never really got around to writing up anything solid.  Then the opportunity to commission it arose and I didn't really have anything prepared...but I knew what I really wanted to see...a turkey-girl!

(yeah, it was originally intended for a Thanksgiving theme, but I didn't start early enough).  As far as the story itself, I only gave Powerman2000 a bare shell to work with....not the best course of action when you're trying to do a comic - so I apologize for any lack of consistency.  I think it turned out wonderfully, but it's pretty much all down to the artist - I really only gave him the sequence of changes that I was looking for.

Got more on the way from him ;p  And hope to order some more in the future.  Enjoy!


  1. I wonder what kind of feed the turkey had at the farm...
    Interesting sequence. WG (size) as usual not my stuff, but otherwise nice.

  2. Fantastic sequence. I especially loved the hourglass and lip expansion before the transformation. I wonder what the girl was going to make for christmas...

  3. Great. Turkey WG is not something you see very often.