Monday, December 13, 2010

Out of Town

Meant to post this earlier, but got kept late at work today of all days.  Like it says....I'll be out of town for work all week long.  Should be back by Saturday afternoon.  Basically that means that I won't be responding to much email - limited access via my phone - and most particularly, I won't be able to respond to donations until next weekend.  So, apologies in advance for any hassle.

And once more, I'll reiterate - I've gotten a few donations like this - if you don't tell me which sequence you'd like - either in the paypal note or in a follow-up email, you won't get anything.  I email every person who sends me a donation like this - but I've still got a few people who've never responded.  Happy to send you whichever sequence you'd like to see, but I can't read your mind.


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