Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Engineskye - When Rocking The Vote Goes So Very, Very Wrong - Part 1

As all Americans (and pretty much the entire rest of the world) know, this is Election can practically smell the fear. 

Who knows who'll come out on top this time next Tuesday?  Does anyone care?  Naturally some folks do....I wish I hadn't been so busy that I ran out of time to request an absentee ballot - first time I've really needed one  (always been able to match my trips home with an early voting opportunity previously).

That said...with just a few days left, the pollsters and interns are hitting the pavement hard, trying to wrap up a few more independent votes while there's still time.  That's where we find ourselves as our story opens today...  (art by engineskye).

Soooo, the question is, who will come out on top here?  Who will wind up with Mistress Arianna's vote?!? 

You'll have to wait till Election Day to find out....but why not take a guess? ;p


  1. My guess is she's going to vote third party :)

  2. Any other bets on which way this one will go? - this is a very hotly contested election after all.