Friday, September 10, 2010

Solios - A New Challenger II - The Origin Story

Good buddy Solios has completed his excellent transformation sequence for Gany's development - and it's been quite a ride.

Presented below is a metamorphosis in four movements (including my original descriptive captions written up at the same time as I embraced the imagery in my imagination).  Absolutely gorgeous!


Hank: “I’m telling you, it’s not normal.  Nobody gains 50 pounds in a week.  Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the rumors about all those other students – my advanced programming class was half empty today.”

Gany: “Classes are always half empty on Friday mornings – how long have you been here again?  I can’t believe you’d take that gossip seriously.  If it makes you feel any better, we can swing by the clinic first thing Monday morning.  Truth be told, I’m feeling a bit of a cold coming on myself.

Hank: *sniffing* “I’m not surprised given the way you dress in this weather.  Say…do you smell cinnamon?”

Monday Morning:  

As it turns out, Hank was right on both counts.  Her extreme weight gain brought on by mixups in the new-student orientation vaccine program was anything but normal, which also happened to be the cause for the increased number of students absent from classes.  In Hank’s case as well, the “growth” was accelerated by the exposure to an accidentally released experimental nanovirus by the university's nanotechnology institute.  In Gany’s case, where her non-Minoan genetic heritage appeared to be distinctly advantageous – after years of paying increased tuition costs as an off-worlder – exposure to the virus resulted in a completely different slew of side effects.

Hank: “Tissue?”

Gany: “Danks.”

University Legal Services would definitely be working overtime on this one.

One month later:  

Gany and Hank take time off from studying for midterms with a light lunch at their favorite Nipponese Fusion restaurant – Sakura Deli Express and Biergarten.  Manager and local forward-thinking entrepreneur Toshiro Heisenberg – never one to miss an opportunity – immediately saw the profit in designing facilities and accommodations to “cater” to the expanding student population – literally.  Hank definitely enjoying her kosher California roll platter – Sierra Nevada style (forcing herself to eat with chopsticks has helped her limit caloric intake….slightly.  Gany on the other hand is still having trouble adjusting to her new appendage – whether eating matzo soup or tofu tempura.

Gany: *exasperatedly* “Not again!”

Hank: “Why do you insist on trying to use those things if they give you so much trouble – just use your fingers.”

Gany: “A proper lady never eats with her fingers.”

Hank: “Does a proper lady dangle her ear in her soup?”

Gany: “*expletive deleted*”

The following summer:  

Hank: “Come on in, the water’s great!”

Gany: “Not on your life…do you know how much I just spent on my hair?”

Hank:  “It’ll be fun…you’ve even got your own snorkel.”

Gany: "Oh hush."

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  1. Fantastic background work and coloring as a whole - and the water effects on the last image are really superb!