Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Field Trials Interim - Poll 2

Thank you very much to everyone who voted - now is the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is:

We'll start with a timeframe of 1 week and see if we can't build any momentum from that - I'm hoping it's enough time, but it may be open a little longer than that.  Initial Deadline: Midnight EST Wednesday 26 Aug.

Based on your votes:

You're donating to support images portraying the transformation of chief of security Rhonda McCampbell from this:

To something potentially closer to this (although we're finalizing details right now...I think we'll have a few new surprises this time).

I have already paid for the first and last image in this sequence.  The interim images are up to your generosity.  $60 for every stage - and I will pay the balance for a partial stage. 

Currently: 2 Images.

All donations will be counted towards the total (I'll eat the paypal fees), but for easy addition, each donation should be at least $1.  I'll post updates every couple of days (as my schedule allows) - on a little sidebar section - so stay tuned.

Donations can be made via my paypal account - the same as my donation art project.  Just leave a note letting me know it's for Solios!  Of course, if you'd like to donate for another art project at the same time - that's too easy - just drop me a line via email afterwards!

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