Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rehabilitation of Princess - 1

This would have been posted last night, but we had a bit of a lightning storm locally and I decided it would be best to keep most of my gear shut off.

I always like to go back and revisit projects from time to time.  Personally, I liked the way South Pacific Follies played out production-wise - a page at a time without a vast amount of editing.  So I'm giving it another shot.  This concept is a little more tf-focused, although there may wind up being tg elements down the road. 

Consider it a sequel to "My Name is Princess" from way back in 2011.  We'll be staying with just the pen and ink level of detail this time around - but I've already given zanfadar a good 40 pages or so of script - and that's incomplete in and of itself :) - so no idea exactly how long this'll run.

For the moment, I'll just be posting a new page every Saturday.  Like SPF, it is dialog-free, but I think it works well enough as it is - and to be honest, I'm going for a bit more of an emotional/poignant tack this time around - given a little more space/time to elaborate. 

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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