Wednesday, June 11, 2014

JamJarMonster - Step Back in Time

Well...another crazy week at work as far as schedules.  Take that for what it's worth.

On the other hand, I have picked up a few new albums off itunes - including the OST to "The Worlds End" - great flick - and one song that seemed to fit this concept pretty well...."Step Back in Time" by Kylie....pretty much fits this piece by JamJarMonster to a tee I'd say.

Featuring Mistress Arianna's Wishing Stones (patent still pending) as well.


  1. All set for adoption!

  2. Great work! Don't give the boss any ideas about diapers or you'll have to work even harder with no trips to the bathroom!


  3. Really enjoyed this and look forward to others in the future!

  4. Truly amazing work! Would love to see more comissions just like this!

  5. A few more similar themed projects in the works - some taking longer than others - but it can be difficult to find AB/DL artists for sequences too.