Saturday, June 29, 2013

Powerman2000 illustrates "Bimbo Eyes"

Apologies to Powerman2000 - he got the pictures to me quite a while back and I just haven't had the time till now to complete the editing and posting process.

I've enjoyed reading and rereading this story by Downing Street quite a lot over the last few years.  Honestly, there are probably other sites out there, but with my schedule - and the convenient classifying process they use on this site, most of my recent favorite stories have been coming from The Mind Control Story Archive.

If anyone has serious issues with opening .docx files - older versions of MS Word should be able to down-convert....and I assume Open Office can view as well.  Otherwise, there's always the default link and the following gorgeous images.

On a side note - this will probably be the last illustrated story for a while - I'm in the process of deciding how I want to continue these in the future - but I'm pretty sure there will be more.  Plenty more stories that could use a little visual treatment ;p

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