Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Update

Well, still waiting on a few projects expected in soon - but that said, check out the Pending Commissions tab on the left.  I've got a lot more projects on tap now from a bunch of new artists as well as more from some of the more familiar folks.

I can tell you that we'll be seeing some great variety here - I mean sure there'll be a few sequences of my usual types - but coming from brand new artists - as well as some wildly new concepts and portrayals.  I'm sure looking forward to them.

That said...if you've only picked up Cluedog's most recent project through the donation project - you're doing yourself a disservice - there are some great projects there from a number of other artists and I can heartily recommend them all.  More importantly - any donation supports the creation of more art for this site as well as a portion of every donation going right back to the artists.

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