Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mr-DNA - Double Feature

The second gorgeous Mistress Arianna / La De Baucherie Magique themed commission by Mr-DNA this summer. Felt the site needed a touch of classic Americana along with all the other periods I try and hit.  Naturally, Mr-DNA hit a home-run with this piece.

Posted in 3 page increments with the full size image at the end.  Enjoy!

Full pic:


  1. I love this one!


  2. I think something other than a meh face at the end would've done better. Something a bit more excited.

    1. I honestly just didn't know how else to finish it. The script ended at the transformation, but I still had two more panels to go. Or could it be a statement about tolerance in America in the mid-20th century? These two young people are in love, dammit, and they're not about to let society tell them... nah, it's the first thing. The thing where I pulled the ending out of my ass.

  3. Great series and fur!

    - Furco

  4. Loved this one! Great style in the art as usual from Mr-DNA. I really liked the method for the transformation and the result.

  5. The joke is the full cost rings would have probably done the same thing to at least one of them.