Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Solios - BOB-E Agricultural Variant

The next in our set by Solios.  The BOB-E series is as equally at home in a tranquil, verdant orchard as it is at slinging toxic sludge.

In this case, a local co-op on Circadian Minor has pooled their resources to contract several BOB-E-A models to assist in the semi-annual harvest.  Not only can they each clear an entire acre of trees in about an hour, but they can also function as mobile "refineries" so to speak - capable of producing any number of apple byproducts - at quality and hygienic standards far above the average middleman - and for a fraction of the total cost.

The BOB-E-A shown above is currently lactating a fine mixture of "Mistress Glrorbgh's Finest Applesauce." (look for it at your local grocers).


  1. I'm sorry, but is this supposed to be attractive or turn people on in any way shape or form? I'm confused here.

  2. Good question. This site collects all my commissions. Not all of them are of the same nature. If you look through the tags you'll see that I have other various comic character commissions as well as transforming/process art.

    The BOB-E concept was one I came up with in conjunction with a process sequence I was going to use, but then even though I abandoned the initial sequence, I liked the character design and wanted to flesh it out some more - particularly since I may wind up using it in a future story/series - hence why I've given it a little flavor text - more shown in the initial specs pic.