Friday, November 4, 2011

MamaBliss - Test Pilot

Any excuse for an update is great for me right now - particularly given my schedule.  And I couldn't have a better one at this time than this beautiful comic by the extremely prolific and very talented Mamabliss.  She's been extremely gracious through the whole process - not least in letting me post the full sequence here.  You can also view it at Gone All Wild - which I highly recommend checking out!

Always happy for another rendition of Mistress Arianna - and she turned out beautifully here.  I had a blast writing this.  Hope you enjoy how it turned out as much as I do.


  1. thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    Great that you give some news, and that you came by to post such an awesome sequence (that I followed on mamabliss' page some time ago) is even better!
    Hope you'll get back safely and soon.

  2. Usually, I find Mamabliss' work to be annoyingly laid out, strangely rendered and confusingly blocked and paneled.

    This, however, is exceptional. The lines are clean and have a smooth rhythm from panel to panel.

    The story itself is very nice. The slow build up is well-timed and the payoff is fantastic (don't you wish you knew how many were expecting a gryphon?)

    All in all a great collaboration that goes a bit beyond the standard TF art offering. It's good enough to be a true crossover and if Kazu Kibuishi was still doing flight, I'd expect to see it in the next installment.

    My only critique? Mistress A's bubblegum should have been colored. It's not quite noticeable in page two and that makes what she's doing in page three seem odd.

  3. That is completely gorgeous. Incredible work.