Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snareser - Just a Few of My Favorites...

What was one type of pic project with snareser morphed into something a little different...still comic-character related.  These tight little color portraits represent just a few of my favorite characters.  The original character line-up was a little different and slightly more theme-oriented, but this group won out for the final set of pics this time.  Enjoy 'em - and check out the books!


  1. That's a sweet Wormwood there. On a related note, I got to sit next to Ben Templesmith for an entire weekend at the Boston Comic Con. he's a really nice guy.

  2. Love pretty much anything by Templesmith - Even picked up his Wormwood Artbook (think it's signed) and Conluvio Vol 2. Never get to meet any of those guys though - bet he was interesting to talk to ;p