Sunday, August 15, 2010

Solios - A New Challenger Enters....

"A new challenger for what?" you may ask, "This isn't Street Fighter 2."

Why simply a new challenger for your hearts - isn't she just the sweetest thing folks?

Nicknaming her "Gany" - in my pathetic attempt to follow Solios' generally ambiguous naming conventions - though I was able to come up with at least two potentially realistic names from that.  She's my third collaboration with Solios on a non-cowgirl subject (udder-free) and I think she turned out beautifully.

After the awesome job he did with a turtle-girl and my gecko girls, I had to come up with another design that could focus his energies in a different direction... and what might an elephant-girl look like in his style?  Behold the answer.

Note:  These pics are just the stand-alone/slice-of-life pics that I initially commissioned - the transformation sequence will be posted at one time when all the sequences are complete.

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