Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Art Contest Reference Material

Well, it took a little longer than I'd planned to post a few more reference pictures for you potential contest entrants.  I'm encouraged by the responses to folks I've already emailed about it.  Anyone with comments/questions about entering, please feel free to contact me through my DA account, PM me at the Process Forums, or email me at thrandrall AT gmail. 

In the meantime, as I mentioned in my post regarding my commission from TheMysteriousK, he's the artist who really got me interested in the poodle-girl idea.  Although he's temporarily removed most of his p-girl images from his DA account, I was given permission to post a few of them here for artistic reference.  I should emphasize here that none of these images are commissions by me, but are all his original work.

Additionally, I feel the need to point out another excellent artist at this point.  Now, I never had a real name to put with the art - at least that I could figure out - but a couple of years ago when I got started on DA, I finally came across gnrfk.  I've got to give major props to this photomanipulator - his work at the now-defunct "Transformations Verwandlungen" (sp?) site was pretty much the first real TF site I came across back in '98 as a freshman at university with my first real solid internet connection (along with the Transformation Graphics/Story Archive, Ian Black, Werekatt, Kurt, Mermaid's Tail, etc).  Back then, most of the images were fairly low-rez, small size files for the lousy connections, but on the DA site, many of them have been reposted in much larger formats as well as many, many new ones.

Since his pics are still available on his page, I'll just link to them directly.  Truly some very unique pieces of work that fit very well with many of my interests.  I'm sure many of you folks who have been around a little longer will instantly recognize some of his older pieces - such as the Elvira Werewolf or Red Latex Dress and Gloves Piggy.  Beautiful Work!

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